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Japan offers an incredible array of cultural and culinary experiences, from the sublime to the exhilarating. We don’t believe one size fits all, and design your trip just for you.

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Food, Etiquette, and More

Read about culinary travel in Japan, the country’s best boutique hotels and ryokans, Japanese etiquette, and more.


Boutique Japan IconBoutique Japan

142 Rainbow Drive #4240, Livingston

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    Penny Eckel
    a month ago
    We recently returned from our 3 week long trip around Honshu, expertly planned by Boutique Japan. Since this was our first visit to the country, and we really wanted to experience Japanese culture, I started looking for a specialist … More to help me plan it.
    After contacting Boutique Japan, before a single dollar was paid, they were already providing tremendous value in the early planning stages. Once we formally engaged with them, they went to work putting together an experience that was tailored to what we wanted, and provided lots of ideas for things we didn't even realize we wanted until they mentioned it.
    During our trip, everything was laid out in detail in a web app that contained contact info, hotel addresses in Japanese and English, instructions for where to meet guides, their names, and the itinerary for each day. This took all the stress out of our visit, and allowed us to just roll with the daily activities. Our guides were all friendly and conversational, knowledgeable and had good command of the English language.
    On the couple of occasions we needed something while we were there, the team was very responsive.
    We had a magical time in Japan, and learned so much about the culture. We even made some friends along the way. We can't wait to plan our next visit!
    For a well executed and special trip to Japan, I wholeheartedly recommend Boutique Japan!

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